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May 2018

Christoffel Park

Boka Grandi

sunny 28 °C

Our cousin Arjen and his fiancée Judith took us up to Christoffel Park.

We drove around the green and blue route, parking and walking to points of interest. We all had water with us, 28C and high humidity is tiring and thirsty work.

We enjoyed views of the wild north coast, saw two native deer, lizards, native snails, a cave, dry looking bushes, more lizards, geckos, cacti and other prickly plants. It is really a moist desert island!

The highlight of the park for us was the Boka Grandi where we watched the waves crashing against the rock platform. The north coast has rugged rocky shoreline, battered by rough waves - no swimming here!!!!


We went up to Grote Knip, which is a beautiful beach, and very popular. Sadly, the rubbish strewn around for metres and metres, reflected badly on the care of the island.

We had a lovely day out and saw more of the island.

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Chi Chi painting

Girls day out at Serena's Art Factory

sunny 28 °C

karen treated us to a Chi Chi painting workshop at Serena's Art Factory.

we were given a little tour of the workshop, then we sat at atable under a shadecloth and tree. Serena explained we are all artists and we need to release that. We were given tips how to paint and how to use the paints. First apply the base colour, decide length of pants, and then paint design. The paint has a final protective element in it.

We got inspiration from other chi chi on display, and then we started. We each had a medium chichi and 3 brushes. At first we were unsure what design to do, but once that was decided, we all got into it.

This is mine - I made sure at least one of the houses has the base colour of each of the other chi chi.

With base colour chichibase.jpg

Final result chichi.jpg

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Sea fishing

Out on the water

the groom took the men sea fishing and they caught two fish, a tuna and a barracuda.

The boat owner took the tuna and filleted the barracuda for them. The plan was to have 'fish and chips' for dinner that night but Jordy heard that barracuda can be toxic due to a particular algae they have in their body, when they eat smaller algae eating fish. We found a health website that advises NOT eating barracuda over 3.5 ft or 1m long.

We had chicken and little potatoes roasted instead. No one wanted to be sick tomorrow - the big day!!!


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Hato Caves

And the Indian Trail

sunny 28 °C

Curacao is mainly limestone overlaying the Curacao Lava formation, which means there are lots of caves around. The Hato Caves are worth visiting, there are 49 steps up to the entrance but they are concrete and well formed.

A guide explains how caves are formed, stalagmites go up, stalactites go down. The caves are softly lit, and there are fans to help move the air. The caves are above ground, and quite warm inside. There are restrictions on where you can take a photo.


Afterwards, we walked around the Indian Trail, and learnt about some of the flora and fauna of Curacao. We also saw some petroglyphs carved in the soft limestone, by people hundreds of years ago.

Below is a photo of the native snail on a cactus. The shell is about 15mm long.


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Dolphin Academy

sunny 28 °C

Today we visited the Seaquarium with their amazing Dolphin Academy. It is one of only three in the world that dolphins have access to the ocean.

The dolphins are trained to go outside the gate, and swim up to 5km from the seaqarium. They also catch fish so are able to feed themselves but are always happy to return to the seaquarium enclosures. These are made more natural by having grilled holes in the sea wall to keep the water fresh.

The dolphins are enthusiastic and engaged. Trainers use positive reinforcement to encourage learning. They are bottle-nosed dolphins.


We also watched several videos and learnt about a new form of pollution - noise in the ocean caused by humans and their activities.

Explore www.silentoceans.org

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