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Flamingoes and Curacao Blue

a relaxing day

sunny 28 °C

There is a lake in the golf course at the Blue Bay resort which has an assortment of water birds including pelicans and flamingoes. Chris took a few photos and today we all set off to find some flamingoes in the wild, in their natural setting.

We headed north to the natural reserve


We had a wee walk along a path, the flamingoes were far off in the distance (top left in photo)


Chris and a few others walked back and took a second path which got them closer to the birds


It was hot in the sun and we still had not visited a Landhuis (country house) so we decided to go to Landhuis Chobolobo where we learnt a bit about the history of the Curacao Blue Licqueur.


The licqueur is made from the lahara orange



There are more clolurs / flavours than just the original blue. We were offered three flavours to taste - the blue, tamarind - orange, and the chocolate - brown in colour.


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The Wedding Day

on the beach at Blue Bay resort

sunny 28 °C

Today Karen and Jordy were married on the beach and they had lovely weather. There were only 15 people at the wedding but they represented all the other family members and friends who could not come.

The setting was very romantic and everything went to plan.

The 'wedding chapel'


the 'naked' cake


The table set for dinner


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Chi Chi painting

Girls day out at Serena's Art Factory

sunny 28 °C

karen treated us to a Chi Chi painting workshop at Serena's Art Factory.

we were given a little tour of the workshop, then we sat at atable under a shadecloth and tree. Serena explained we are all artists and we need to release that. We were given tips how to paint and how to use the paints. First apply the base colour, decide length of pants, and then paint design. The paint has a final protective element in it.

We got inspiration from other chi chi on display, and then we started. We each had a medium chichi and 3 brushes. At first we were unsure what design to do, but once that was decided, we all got into it.

This is mine - I made sure at least one of the houses has the base colour of each of the other chi chi.

With base colour chichibase.jpg

Final result chichi.jpg

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Blue Bay Resort

Our accommodation

sunny 28 °C

The Blue Bay Resort is a gated community with different types of accommodstion - hotel rooms, apartments, villas, bungalows. It has its own beach for guests and also a golf course.

The birds here are colourful and varied - the emerald hummingbird and the pink flamingoes are beautiful. The pelican has its own beauty too. We have not seen any seagulls, but there are pigeons and doves on the beach!


Loungers and shade are available to make a visit to the beach more relaxing!

May 1st Is Labor Day and an official holiday so the only supermarket open was near the city. I bought a shopper bag, no-one gets a plastic bag!!!


It has been super handy, and the little New World strawberry shopping bag has had plenty of use too.

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